Aeristech signs its first £1m contract for the supply of “Fuel Cell eCompressors”

Aeristech is delighted to announce that a contract has just been signed with a large hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer.  

The £1m contract is for the supply of, 400-700V, ~10kW, variable speed motor compressors which are based on the companies patented motor control technology.

They will be used to pressurise the air supplied to 45kW-60kW fuel cells powering on and off-road vehicles.

The eCompressors will be supplied over the next year.  It is expected that there will be follow on orders for rapidly increasing volumes over at least the next five years. This is the first of several similar supply agreements for Aeristech’s fuel cell “eCompressors” that the company expects to sign in 2018.

Note on the technology

The power density and power output, of a hydrogen fuel cell stack is increased if the inlet air supply is pressurised. Aeristech technology is uniquely well suited to this application as its motor delivers constant torque (pressure) when directly connected to the fuel, without the need for a DC-DC converter.

Irrespective of changes in load / input voltage there is no fall off in the eCompressor performance. The motor has a class leading continuous rating and,  because of its superior efficiency, can operate without secondary cooling increasing both the vehicle range and improving the  duty cycle.

That's why Aeristech have been chosen to deliver our patented, efficient technology.