Aeristech and Easyland sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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Richard Wall giving speech on Aeristech’s technology

Aeristech and Easyland are delighted to announce their technology licensing agreement signed in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, on Friday the 8th March 2019. 

Aeristech is a research and development company with patented designs of electric motors. It is licencing its advanced technology for air-boosting internal combustion engines and Hydrogen fuel cells to Easyland, an established Chinese manufacturer of turbocharger systems and components for the global market.

Easyland hosted a Strategic Cooperation signing ceremony at the Wuxi Idea International Convention Centre in Wuxi on Friday the 8th of March 2019. The event was very well attended by local government officials, officials from automotive industry associations and senior executives from a number of Chinese OEMs.

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Quan Liu speech on Easyland

We wanted to partner with a local established manufacturer in order to rapidly maximise the adoption of our products in the new fields of electric turbocharging of internal combustion engines and air-charging of hydrogen fuel cells. Due to the high efficiency of our electric motors, our compressors are able to operate under high load, on a continuous basis – something our competitors struggle to achieve. In addition, our ability to operate at much higher speeds provides significantly better compressor performance. These features give us a competitive edge in both applications. We look forward to the rapid growth of sales of our products in partnership with Easyland, a highly reputable Tier-1 turbocharger manufacturer with excellent management and marketing.

Richard Wall, CEO of Aeristech
Duncan Kerr signing cooperation agreement min

Duncan Kerr signing cooperation agreement

We look forward to working with Aeristech to rapidly build up our capacity, bringing Aeristech’s products to the market in China. We have been asked to partner with a number of electric compressor manufacturers, but selected Aeristech due to the competitive advantage their superior technology provides. We look forward to achieving a dominant position in the supply of electric compressors to the rapidly expanding hydrogen fuel cell market.

Quan Liu, Chairman of Easyland

Notes for Editors:


Founded in 2006, Aeristech is a technology research and development company specialising in patented high-speed, high-power & power dense electric motors, with state-of-the-art solutions for automotive and industrial applications. 

The year 2020 sees the global introduction of stringent emission levels for automotive vehicle manufacturers, so Aeristech has been applying its unique motor design to the creation of electric supercharger for combustion engines and electric compressors for hydrogen fuel cells. 

For internal combustion engines, pressurising the intake air to an engine improves performance and the ability to do this at low engine speeds with an electric boost device is now a proven benefit to reducing emissions.  Results have proved Aeristech Superchargers capable of assisting in over a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions. 

For hydrogen fuel cell air compression, due to its patented motor control architecture, Aeristech offers a truly unique advantage over the competition. Not only are Aeristech eCompressors up to 35% more efficient than the next best machines in the market today, but their ability to operate with no performance derating over a very large range of input voltage is unprecedented.  This feature allows hydrogen fuel cell manufacturers the ability to place the eCompressor, the largest parasitic loss in HFCs, upstream of the DC- DC converter saving significant cost for the overall system. 

The highly technical team has expertise in performance electric motor design, electronics, software and automotive best practice. The company is now commencing producing products based on its IP in partnership with established manufacturers.  


Easyland is an international enterprise specializing in research and manufacturing of turbochargers that are applied to internal combustion engines, hybrid power, fuel cell power, and general aviation engines, which with business for aftermarket and OEM customers in China and aftermarket customers in Europe and North America. The company has attained many honours such as: the National Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory, the National Green Factory, and the National Two-in-One Convergence Management System. Easyland has invested for production of fuel cell compressors in China and has the facilities to service major Customers for fuel cells.


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