Aeristech wins EU Horizon 2020 Grant

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It has just been announced that Aeristech’s bid for an EU Horizon 2020 grant has been successful. There is fierce competition for these grants that are open to any EU company seeking support in the development of innovative technology.

Aeristech grant application was for the “Productionisation of its patented fuel cell compressor”. The amount of the award is substantial €827,000. An independent accountant certifies all expenditures.

The hydrogen fuel cell compressor is one of several applications that the Company has developed using its Aeristech Motor Control Technology ACT. Aeristech is commercialising a range of fuel cell compressors with continuous power ratings from 2 to 20kW. Pressurising the air supply to a fuel cell increases its power output. Aeristechs compressors are being fitted to fuel cells powering vehicles in a broad range of applications, from off highway, to passenger and commercial vehicle.

Aeristech’s motor control technology is uniquely well suited to use with a fuel cell. Couple an ACT motor to a compressor wheel and the result is the world’s fastest centrifugal compressor. Operating at speeds in excess of 160,000rpm it delivers air at pressures and in quantities at a price previously impossible. Until now fuel cells were pressurised using positive displacement compressors, heavy machines at a higher cost and using up to 40% more energy than an Aeristech machine.

We are thrilled, the recognition of our advanced technology by the EU commission means a great deal to us. The funding will allow us to accelerate our production readiness and enable us to take a range of compressors to market. We believe our performance is unparalleled and expect to become the world’s technology of choice in this market. In order to keep up with demand, we are currently relocating to larger premises in Leamington Spa and recruiting more manufacturing staff.

We are proud to be at the forefront of a new technology that is making a contribution to establishing hydrogen as a viable alternative to hydrocarbon fuels and all electric vehicles.

Richard Wall, CEO of Aeristech

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