H2GEAR project is developing a ground breaking Hydrogen propulsion system for commercial aircraft.

The innovative modular power-to-torque powertrain offers high power, range and speed for electrified air passenger transport.

The ambitious targets are 1MW nominal (η50%, 1,5kW/kg & 0,55kW/l) fuel cell system with 1,25MW peak power coupled with a cryogenic motor (η98%, 15kW/kg & 40kW/l) and drive (η98%, 20kW/kg & 30kW/l).

This innovative technology will develop an Electrical Propulsion Unit (EPU) to support hybrid and electric aircraft configurations up to 100PAX as well as new and retrofit opportunities for Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for large category transport aircraft.

Aeristech Will deliver ground-breaking air compressor technology, assisting in the optimisation of fuel cell efficiency, suitable for aerospace applications.