Our Technology

Aeristech’s key invention so far is a new form of control architecture for permanent magnet variable-speed electric motors. Our patented system allows motors to accelerate to 160,000 rpm in under a second.

Our technology also generates less heat than our competitors, which allows us to deliver products with higher efficiency, greater power density and continuous running at high power.

Aeristech has developed a range of products based on our core technology, and continues to offer our engineering expertise to develop bespoke applications for our customers.

Our Motors

Aeristech’s motor design is optimised to make the most of our unique controller technology, allowing for higher current with shorter windings.

This innovation allows Aeristech motors to be smaller than other motors of the same power, delivering greater power density.

We have used this technology across our motor range to provide:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Continuous operation at high power without overheating
  • Smaller overall motor size
  • Faster acceleration and transient response times

Our Controllers

Our unique, patented controller architecture is core to everything we do. It unleashes the full capability of permanent magnet electric motors by delivering current in ways that no-one else can.

Why does it matter? Our control architecture enables applications that were previously not viable.

What can our controllers deliver for our customers?

  • Our products can be configured to deliver rated power continuously without derating.
  • For fuel cell and industrial compressor applications we can offer high power compressors that continue to perform hour after hour.

Our Awards

Aeristech are delighted and proud to be presented with these awards.