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Aeristech has developed a range of prototypes which offer customers unprecedented compressor performance with a wide input voltage range and continuous high-power operation in a power-dense, lower cost package.

  • High-speed electric motors

    Aeristech’s patented technology means the limits of speed are mechanical. We have achieved 160krpm to date with rapid acceleration.

  • Oil-free air-bearings

    Eliminating the possibility of contamination, our compressors are oil free and use state-of-the-art air-bearings.

  • Wide input voltage range

    Aeristech compressors can deliver full power across a wide voltage range, drawing power directly from the fuel cell, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

  • Compact design

    Aeristech’s patented controller architecture separates torque and speed control using fewer components to achieve unprecedented performance in a power-dense package.

  • High performance at low cost

    Our optimised motors and inverters use our unique IP to switch at a lower frequency, enabling high-speed, continuous high-power compressor operation at lower cost.

  • Award-winning R&D

    Aeristech’s Engineering team have a history of developing award-winning solutions for Tier-1 suppliers, OEMs and other customers.

Oil-free Air-bearing Compressors

These oil-free compressor samples can be offered with a range of compressor maps and input voltages available for customer evaluation and low volume applications.


6kW Oil-free Compressor

Delivering a PR of 1.9 at 160,000RPM and weighing less than 4kg, our oil-free 6kW compressor offers a high speed motor and compact design, allowing for a power-dense solution. 

10kW CAD

10kW Oil-free Compressor

Delivering a PR of 2.5 at 115,000RPM, and weighing 5.4kg, our 10kW oil-free compressor family accepts a wide range of input voltages (260-700V), allowing direct power in fuel cell applications without a separate DC/DC converter.

25kW CAD

25kW Oil-free Compressor

Delivering a PR of 3.0 at 95,000RPM and weighing less than 10kg, our oil-free 25kW compressor offers high power, continuous operation in a compact solution.

Want to know more?

Set up a time to discuss your technical requirements with our business development team and engineers. Novel applications of our technology are welcome.