Aeristech appoint Sprintex as a motor supplier and sales representative

Aeristech appoint Sprintex as a motor supplier and sales representative.

Under this agreement Sprintex will manufacture three types of motor assembly for Aeristech based around Aeristech core designs, providing their design for manufacture and supply chain expertise to accelerate production readiness.

This agreement will enable Aeristech to focus on continuing to develop its industry leading customer solutions with optimised design of both motor and power electronics enabled by its unique, patent-protected control architecture.

Sprintex will also become a sales representative for Aeristech, increasing Aeristech’s presence, particularly in the Chinese industrial market.

Aeristech will maintain technical oversight of all projects, and will continue to manufacture and optimise controllers in-house to ensure customers continue to benefit from Aeristech’s expertise in their applications.

Richard Wall, Executive Chairman of Aeristech, said:

“We are delighted to initiate this partnership with Sprintex. The addition of the engineering resources of Sprintex to our team will help to accelerate product development in key power ranges.

Sprintex commercialisation resources will bolster our revenue growth particularly in the Asian markets. We are very excited with this opportunity to boost our revenue growth in the fast growing hydrogen fuel cell market, key to achieving global emissions reduction and the deceleration of climate change.”

Jay Upton, Sprintex Managing Director said:

“This strategic collaboration will stimulate the excellent synergy between the two companies on product development, global resources for supply chain and sales.

Sprintex aims to offer the most competitive products to the surging electrification, hydrogen fuel cell and next-gen industrial compressor market. Sprintex and Aeristech are confident that under this collaboration, both parties will accelerate the expansion of market coverage and the realisation of revenues leading to profits.”