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Advanced Boosting Technology: Electric Turbines and Electric Compressors

With high (variable) speed, high efficiency, no limit on power, and rapid transient response

Aeristech offers the cheapest, most compact, easily integrated, and high-performance technology platform for advanced boosting. Competing electric boosting technologies have poor efficiency and performance due to difficulty controlling electric motors at very high speeds. Aeristech patented an effective and cheap method for controlling high-speed motors. We have produced and demonstrated the most high-performance electric compressors and turbines in the world.

Aeristech’s Electric Superchargers (eSuperchargers) benefit from exceptional efficiency and power-to-weight ratio, providing the best available transient response and highest boost levels from a 12V or 48V supply.

Assisted turbochargers and turbine generator units are more compact and cheaper, using smaller magnets and less overall material) when built using Aeristech's intellectual property.

With its revolutionary high-performance turbomachinery, Aeristech makes it possible, for the first time, to mechanically decouple the turbine from the compressor and transfer all power through an electric connection.  Total flexibility improves aerodynamic efficiency, combustion efficiency, and transient response. FullElectric Electric Turbocharger Technology (FETT) is the ultimate low-cost, compact solution or engine downsizing with a single stage turbocharger.



Winner of the prestigious Energy Institute Technology Award.


Winner and UK finalist of the Shell Springboard Award for new green technologies.


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"Aeristech's patented FullElectric turbocharger technology is a major enabling technology that will help accelerate the use of turbocharging to meet stringent emissions legislation and provide excellent vehicle responsiveness throughout the engine rev range, even at low revs and slow speeds. " Julien Servant

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