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About us

Harnessing patented high speed electric motor design to achieve Net Zero through efficient compressor applications across the globe.


Our story

Aeristech’s patented technology enables us to make the world’s fastest accelerating and most power-dense permanent magnet variable speed electric motors. Our high-speed motors are ideal for compressor applications where efficiency, power density and speed of response are essential.

Our location

Our head office and testing facilities are located in Warwickshire in the heart of the UK, and we have manufacturing and business development offices in China and the USA affording us a global reach.


Our history

The founders believed they could improve the performance of turbochargers through electrification and so  developed variable high-speed electric motors for a centrifugal compressor that was capable of running continuously and was 50% more powerful than equivalent electric superchargers.

The design evolved with the market to become oil-free and power-dense, ideal for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems, HVAC and Industrial Compressed Air.

Our Board of Directors

Offering expertise from Asia and Europe, our Directors are listed below

Richard Wall

Executive Chairman

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a MSc in Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology, Richard Wall has developed a successful career in large global companies. From 2004 Richard worked at Omitec Group where he was responsible for establishing US and Chinese operations. The business was sold to Continental, the international Tier 1 automotive supply group in July 2012, following which Richard worked as a senior member of Continental's Diagnostics and Services (D&S) management team as Head of Global Sales. In 2015 Richard joined Aeristech as CEO.

Duncan Kerr

Chief Executive Officer

Duncan was awarded a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge after completing his undergraduate studies in South Africa. He managed Midven’s early stage £10m fund for 6 years and has operational experience as a CEO of a range of technology and manufacturing businesses. He has previously been a Finance, Compliance Officer and Equity Analyst and has co-managed a £30m VC technology portfolio for a FTSE 350 company, achieving several profitable exits. Duncan has been active on the board since making the first VC investment in Aeristech in 2010 and joined Aeristech in a full-time capacity in 2018 as COO.

Erwin Doll


Erwin Doll graduated with a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kaiserslautern. With 35 years in the industry with leading functions at BASF, Johnson Controls and Plastic Omnium, he finally headed up Roechling Group as Vice-Chairman and CEO of Roechling Automotive with a turnover of € 2.3 billion with 90 locations across 26 countries in 2019. Besides supplier board membership of the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry), Erwin has been holding supervisory and advisory board positions since 2007. Erwin joined Aeristech as a non-executive director in 2015.

Li Chen


Li Chen is a China registered senior engineer with a UK MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Aerospace Engineering. He has been actively involved in electrification and clean energy technologies since 2015, founded Hong Kong based LidX Technology to provide engineering consultancy services and co-founded E&E Power-Tech with leading turbomachinery company E&E Turbo. He joined Aeristech in 2018 as a non-executive director following the E&E Power-Tech investment into Aeristech. Since then, he has been promoting Aeristech products in the Chinese market to a series of leading automotive OEMs. Li is currently on the board of an Australia listed compressor company Sprintex.

Jane Huang


Jane Huang graduated with a MA in Management and BSc in International Accounting. With 18 years of extensive operational and managerial experience as Senior Directors in leading listed global companies such as IMI plc, ZTE corporation, Phoenix Group, both in the UK and China. She then co-founded CNW capital services in 2013, working with high-profile asset managers and investors in China and overseas for market access, fund raising, and partnership. Jane has helped a few PE houses in China in sourcing and acquiring high growth companies in the Europe. In recent years Jane’s business passion and focus has been on helping European clean tech companies to scale up business in China market leveraging her extensive network and market insight in China.

Lyndsey Green

Company Secretary

Our management team

Experienced managers who believe in empowerment and agility, our team is listed below

Adam Garbutt

Chief Operating Officer

Adam is an experienced manufacturing and operations management professional, having previously been the Production Director of Kohler’s UK operations following over 10 years at Nissan in production engineering roles.

Luke Read

Head of Research and Development

Luke is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and has over a decade of experience in designing high speed motors for compressors as well as detailed knowledge of e-magnetics and rotordynamics, he previously worked in the Ministry of Defence’s DE&S group.

Andy Phillips

Head of Engineering

Andy has over three decades of experience in creating high performing teams within the Automotive industry; holding senior positions at Landrover, Omitec Group and Trakm8 PLC.

Eric Newell

Head of Business Development

Eric is a Mechanical Engineer having a 30-year career in the F1 motorsport powertrain industry, having headed up the business/operational function at Cosworth. He took on the leading director’s role at the UK Government Motorsport Industry Board before finally heading up Pankl Racing’s UK operation.

Jouko Peussa

Head of HVAC and Industrial Air

Jouko has worked for 21 years with leading global air compressor companies like CompAir, Gardner Denver and Ingersoll Rand in leadership roles as Vice President or Director based in UK, Germany and Belgium.

Kevin Ji

Head of Aeristech China

Kevin is widely connected in the Chinese automotive industry, having worked for over 20 years in global Tier 1 suppliers including Tenneco and Valeo.

Sarah Naylor

Financial Controller

Sarah is a finance leader with over 20 years’ experience facilitating business improvement and effective financial governance, working previously for National Grid and BAE Systems among others.

Lee Kidman

Programme Manager

Lee has over 10 years’ experience in delivering projects to major OEMs and Tier 1 customers including, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover and Honda.

Jason Dignam

Operations Manager

Jason has a background in Estate Management, having led the space planning team responsible for the planning of the Halfords’s full inventory and retail portfolio for 18 years before joining Aeristech.