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We deliver unprecedented compressor performance.

Cost-effective oil-free compressors

Aeristech has developed a range of award-winning compressors for Tier-1, OEMs and other customers.


The patented inverter architecture requires fewer bulky components allowing for a uniquely power-dense package.

14kW integrated small


The limits of the speed of Aeristech motors is purely mechanical, reaching 160,000 RPM with rapid acceleration.



Aeristech compressors deliver full power across a wide variable input voltage range, without derating.


 Patented high-speed motors, inverters and oil-free compressors

  • Design, develop and deliver

    Aeristech designs, develops and delivers patented high-speed electric motors, inverters and oil-free compressors, ideal for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems, Industrial Compressed Air, HVAC and e-Supercharging.

  • Solve technical complexities

    Oil-free compressors which offer high-pressure at low flow require continuous high speed operation.

    This is a major technical challenge for traditional motors which require high frequency inverter switching, significantly increasing manufacturing costs.

  • Optimised motors

    Aeristech designs optimised power-dense motors and inverters with our unique IP which cuts switching frequency by 90%, enabling high-speed, continuous high-power compressor operation at a lower cost.