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Case Studies and White Paper.

Case Study: 12v eSupercharger

12v eSupercharger

Designed for use with a typical 12V vehicle architecture the eSupercharger is intended to supplement boost pressure during spool up time of a mechanical Turbo charger.

Optimized from the ground up to reduce shaft inertia, it comprises of a permanent magnet 80krpm rotor driving a centrifugal wheel with response times of a fraction of a second.


The small design is intended to fit inside the air box of air filter boxes. The motor and power electrics are contained within the package and are cooled by the incoming air.

12v product
12v table
12v graph


Testing and Evaluation

Evaluation was carried out on Volkswagen T-Roc and set up as shown in image.

12v car

The e-Supercharger would be used when engine revs were below 1700rpm. After that the mechanical turbocharger would be used.

12v internal car images
12v vehicle details


The graph below shows the aim of the e-supercharger to supplement the engine torque during the spool up of the turbocharger. Providing up to an additional 45Nm. The benefit of this was testing using so called 'shooting maneuvers'.

On a rolling road the vehicle would change speed whilst in a single gear. This is to replicate maneuvers such as changing lane to overtake on a highway.

12v red blue graph


Results and Conclusions

12v result graph

The results show a significant reduction in time when the e-supercharger is used with up to 5.5 seconds taken of the time to accelerate from 35 to 70km/h in 4th gear. This demonstrates the e-supercharges capability to increase the response time of the vehicle and enhance drivability of a smaller capacity engine with higher efficiency.


Case Studies and White Paper:

48v eSupercharger

Created for application within a 48V vehicle system, the e-Supercharger aims to enhance boost pressure during spool up time of a mechanical Turbo charger.  

3 stage high speed Centifrugal Compressor

Working with an industrial air partner, the intention of this study was to evaluate the specific power of a 3 stage centrifugal compressor system for supply of up to 8 Bar of compressed air. .

10kw 48v eSupercharger

This 10kW 48V e-Supercharger is capable of 120,000rpm and able to accelerate in 0.5s and is watercooled.

WHITE PAPER: High-speed e-compressor platform for 150+ kw fuel cell installations

This paper outlines the development of the Aeristech NovA (Novel Architecture) platform for air compressors, discussing its origins in the APC (Advanced Propulsion Centre) program 'Trident and the challenges faced during its creation.