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Case Studies and White Paper.

Case Study: 3 stage high speed Centrifugal Compressor

3 stage high speed Centrifugal Compressor.

Working with an industrial air partner, the intention of this study was to evaluate the specific power of a 3 stage centrifugal compressor system using Aeristech's patented motor and control technology for supply of up to 8 Bar of compressed air.


3 stage product

The set up used three of our 10kW 120krpm compressor connected in series with 2 intercoolers.

3 stage grey graph
3 stage red blue graph
3 stage circle graph

Case Studies and White Paper:

WHITE PAPER: High-speed e-compressor platform for 150+ kw fuel cell installations

This paper outlines the development of the Aeristech NovA (Novel Architecture) platform for air compressors, discussing its origins in the APC (Advanced Propulsion Centre) program 'Trident and the challenges faced during its creation.

12v eSupercharger

Designed for use with a typical 12V vehicle architecture the e-Supercharger is intended to supplement boost pressure during spool up time of a mechanical Turbo charger.  

48v eSupercharger

Created for application within a 48V vehicle system, the e-Supercharger aims to enhance boost pressure during spool up time of a mechanical Turbo charger.  

10kw 48v eSupercharger

This 10kW 48V e-Supercharger is capable of 120,000rpm and able to accelerate in 0.5s and is watercooled.